My New Obsession Wolf Link Amiibo

Wolf Link Amiibo!!

So I recently came across the remake of¬†The Legend of Zelda¬†Twilight Wolf link amiiboPrincess for Nintendo Wii u and I am UHB-sessed! I don’t know how I missed it when it came out, but I got it from some kid on CL box never opened in pure mint condition as any collector would love. I actually bought two of these. I purchased the other one from an Ebay seller because I wanted one to play and one to collect dust on my shelf. Out of all the stuff I’ve collected anything Zelda related is my go to. I probs have more Zelda paraphernalia than any other thing I collect, oh and Pokemon too (hehehe).

I’m not really going to go into the gameplay since my focal point has to do with collecting, but I am keeping my eye on the new Zelda coming out for the next Nintendo system NX. I heard tons and tons of cool new features to this Zelda game are going to be added and the pressing question I have, is will there be an Amiibo collectible commemorating the release of a new Zelda game?

I must know this I tell you!! It would be the radest freakin thing EVER!

I have the og Nintendo with the old school games. I have them all across the board. I have even been researching Zelda tattoos, because what isn’t cool about a Zelda tattoo?? Nothing, right? Exactly! I have been thinking of getting the tri-force and stuff maybe on my hand like how they had it on Ocarina of time.

Who knows? Maybe it is something I’ll do and if I do I’ll post up a blog with pics and stuff of me getting it and the final product. Back to the Amiibo wolf link. I have some Amiibo figures that I know in the future are going to make CHA-CHING$. I think I’m going to do an inventory of my stuff soon and see how much it’s all worth. I wonder if I have spent more than I can get in return for all my stuff. I wonder what the value of some of my stuff would be in about 100 years from now.

Anyways, if you share my obsession with collecting (especially all things Zelda) like me drop me an email here and lets nerd talk it out.



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