So who’s Collector Tony, anyway?

This is my story page…

My friends call me “Collector Tony” because I have a questionable amount of various collectible items in my shelving all over my apartment. I swear I could start a collectible Collector Tonyemporium. I’m based out of Hollywood FL and I currently love gathering seemingly meaningless items that in my estimation are an investment in memorabilia futures. :)

Ever since I can remember, I loved collecting things as a kid. For me my era was Pokemon cards and pogs in the 90’s. I developed a not so mild fascination with collecting things that would eventually turn into valuable, well sought after items in the future. Some people do real estate- I do collectibles.

I have a tender fondness in my heart for video games so collecting vintage video game systems and cartridges, discs and such are my fav. I absolutely love what Nintendo has done with Amiibo. I’m starting to collect those too. SO I’m having a stellar time getting into all these new collectible trends and seeing the collectible community grow and all that.

Get in touch with me here, if you come across any fanboy inducing items of collectible rarity.

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