Kingdom Hearts 2017 delay sadness

The sadness has settled, the depression has ensued, and  the junk foodkingdom-hearts-2-8 binge has begun. When Kingdom Hearts first came out as a kid I nearly almost had a cardiac arrest…. Seriously!

My fandom for Disney and anime-esque aesthetic games such as Final Fantasy converged into a single, playable, and palatable transcendent game-play experience that is the Kingdom Hearts saga. Over the years after KH2 was released we have had tidbits of narrative and enough game-play across different systems to keep us KH fans addiction at bay, but this latest set back was so disheartening.

IF Square-Enix and Disney ever mastered how to keep an entire fan-group on their toes and develop and long standing otaku spanning over a decade seething with anxiety over their most anticipated release, this is definitely it. Kingdom Hearts fans everywhere including myself, have been waiting for the third installment in the series for so long that the recent setback on the release date is reminiscent of what they’ve done to us in the past. Releasing little sample bites of what we are to taste in the coming release for 2017 is stressing me out!

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue along with the unchained for mobile has been such a delightful hold over until KH3 release for the PS4, but I’m hoping to the gaming gods, this does not end up being another false flag for the release of what have all been waiting for.

Anyways, wanted to express my extreme discontent with the news that I still have to wait for KH3. Let’s talk here about anything you have read me post about. Bye guys!

Is anyone else drooling over Breath of the wild?

As some of you know, my affinity for collecting video game knick knacks breath of the wild Legend of Zeldais borderline obsessive, but I digress. So I literally follow every page on my Facebook that gives out any tidbit of  information that has to do with Breath of the Wild, the new Legend of Zelda release by Nintendo that will be coming out in 2017. I’m more than happy about this since Nintendo promised us a Zelda release on the WiiU and never delivered (insert angry emoji here).

There are tons of rumors going around about it being open source with a game world 12 times the size of twilight princess which is actually amazing because now I can justify why I will spend countless hours glued to my NX game system whilst inundated by various junk food goodies. Here I go into my pre-review of what I know thus far.


Plot: Link wakes up after sleeping a hella long time in the aftermath ruins of Hyrule to a creepy voice leading him to some old guy who tells him about how calamity Ganon destroyed Hyrule 100 years ago and they trapped it in the castle cause it couldn’t be defeated. Now Link has to figure out a way to kick this things ass before it breaks free to cause more havoc. (I feel like this is a remix of other Zelda stories for lack of originality).



Trailer Review:

  • Overall 10/10
  • Graphics 8/10
  • Playability based on video 9/10
  • Storyline 8/10 (they could do better so far as I know)


Loveable new features:

  • Link uses Rune magic
  • It has an Assassins Creed-esque vibe to the gameplay
  • I like the Wind waker/Ocarina of time aesthetic mashup
  • Link seems to be a lot more crafty
  • The open world play and vast exploration space.

I’m hoping they come out with some limited edition or special release versions of the game with Amiibo characters like the re-release of Twilight Princess. You know that I will be all over that in a heart beat. I will catch you guys on the flipside. Ebay calls. More sales to make on collectibles.

Get in touch with me here, and lets connect. If you want to see how much your collectibles are worth and or if you want to purchase any of my rare items. Peace.

Super Mario Memorabilia for one of my good friends!

It’s my friends b-day and he’s obsessed with Mario Bro’s

So coming up in a few days is on of my very best friends birthday. I’ve known this guy since we were kids. Like probably since we were both floating around in our mothers tummy cause my mom and his mom are like besties and stuff. They did the whole awkward 80’s era hairstyles and break-dance music and all that jazz.

Anyways, so here is what I decided to do. Since we were both little we both had a fascination with video games. My thing ias you know is all things Zelda, and his thing is all things Mario Bro’s. It’s been an amazing journey with this guy. I think he’s even thinking of doing his wedding Mario Bro’s themed and having his bride to be dressed as Princess Peach, which would be uber cool!

As a cool collection of birthday gifts I decided to get him a few things that would be priceless in the future and non-retrievable.


Mario Bro’s Memorabilia I got for my friend

Mario back pack

Mario back pack




Super Mario Piranha Plant Plush

super mario piranha plant

Mario beenie

I really feel like he is going to love this. I put a lot of thought into his gifts plus his fiance is going to inundate him with even more Mario Bro’s paraphernalia.

He has every Nintendo game system with every freaking Mario game ever made for each system. To say he is a fanatic is an understatement because this guy would literally “BE” Super Mario if he could be. I already called dibs on his Mario collectibles if he ever passes. It’s only right that I the collector Tony inherit all of his wonderful Mario memorabilia.

He is currently saving up to get the Super Smash Bro’s Japanese VGA 90+ which is going for a whopping $9,999. I told him he was crazy, but hey, so am I.

His Gf might get it for him since her dad is loaded with dough. SHHH (Don’t tell anyone I said that). She’s kinda hot too. She’s blond like Princess Peach and surprisingly enough he also became a plumber after high school. He now owns a plumbing company called He told me he was thinking of changing everything around to match the Super Mario Bro’s.

He was thinking of making the uniforms like either Mario or Luigi or even Wario, and wrapping the vans with Mario-esque features like the coins and the original artwork from the NES system. I told him it would be pretty cool if he did something like that. It would definitely make his business stand out, but hopefully not get him in a suit with Nintendo or whatever.

Ok guys, I think that is it for me today I’m pooped. I decided that I want to start being an authorized seller of video game collectibles so I have someone building me a website that is going to feature my many collections and the stuff I want to sell. I’m also thinking of doing  Comic con every year and dressing up for the festivities.

If you wanna talk about games or just say high shoot me an email. Also, make sure to check out my previous post.

I just got the original Nintendo Entertainment system

I died and came back to life…. Nintendo is life lol

So my mom came to my house last night and brought me a gift because she knows that I’m obsessed with comics, video games, collectibles, and all that nerd stuff people are doing all out national events for. When I was about 5 years old my mother bought me the NES and thus began my fixation for nerdy things that would haunt my waking thoughts for pretty much the remainder of my life up until this point.

Look what my mom got me!
Look what my mom got me!

I was chillin in my house being a nerd browsing through peoples twitch streams to see what would excite me to vegetate in front of and since I was expecting my mom to come anyways I had to hide the bongs and paraphernalia, burn incense and crack a few windows (know what I mean)?


So I hear a knock at the door and I see her with a random box, nothing special. She hands it to me and when I open it I about had a serious cardiac arrest in my living room. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was baffled, bewildered and absolutely paralyzed. Then tears of joy in the form of rivers gushed forth from my tender fan-boying eyes as I beheld one of the most beautiful pieces of technology to be created in the past 50 years. Along with my vintage and nostalgic attention arresting 80’s toy came The Legend of Zelda in the golden cartridge.

I’m taking a quick moment to write up on my blog about this momentous occasion in my life. The fact that I have been binge playing all night since I got the darn thing is nothing I will be ashamed of. I’m just so thrilled to be playing this game the way it was intended to be played. In classic Nintendo Style on the NES.


One last thing…

So I saw a Legend of Zelda on Ebay for $2999.99. Did my mom drop some dough on me like that? Or did she just happen to get a good deal? Not asking, I’m just sayin that it is pretty cool.

If you guys want to hear more about my vintage NES experiences or about collectibles, reach out to me here and lets talk nerdy.

Just found my old Pokemon collection from 8th grade

Yeah, I’m excited and Pokemon is the reason.


So my mom recently called me telling me she found an old PokemonPokemon collection collecting folder of mine filled with Pokemon cards and Michael Jordan cards too. I was geeking over it, cause I cannot believe I let that slip pass me all these years. She was cleaning out one of her closets when she found the Pokemon card collection and called me right away, knowing I would freak out like tweeny teeny boppers at a one direction concert.


As soon as I opened it up it was like finding the cave of wonders or something. I was beholding ancient artifacts from long ago when Pokemon was my ultimate favorite thing to do, EVER! I would go to school and destroy everyone at card battles and also on the gameboy when we were able to connect them.

The rare ones…

I’m still hoping I come across some unsuspecting numb skull who has a 1st edition Charizard holographic so I can make a killing off of it. What I really have my eyes set on is the Pikachu illustrator card that is worth more than $100k. When I heard that I was like what?! No way! By some miracle in the cosmos some schmuck will sell it to me thinking it’s bs and not worth anything.

I wish my mom had the money to fly me around the world battling Pokemon cards. I’d probably be the best there ever was. I saw some cool holographic stuff in my old folder from my older trainer days and I wish I had the time to play again like a kid would. I am sure some of my pokemon will be worth a lil sumthin on the side, but for now ill keep trying yo catch them all. In cards and on my cell phone.

If you need to reach out to me, then HOLLA right here. Also check out my wolf link amiibo post.


My New Obsession Wolf Link Amiibo

Wolf Link Amiibo!!

So I recently came across the remake of The Legend of Zelda Twilight Wolf link amiiboPrincess for Nintendo Wii u and I am UHB-sessed! I don’t know how I missed it when it came out, but I got it from some kid on CL box never opened in pure mint condition as any collector would love. I actually bought two of these. I purchased the other one from an Ebay seller because I wanted one to play and one to collect dust on my shelf. Out of all the stuff I’ve collected anything Zelda related is my go to. I probs have more Zelda paraphernalia than any other thing I collect, oh and Pokemon too (hehehe).

I’m not really going to go into the gameplay since my focal point has to do with collecting, but I am keeping my eye on the new Zelda coming out for the next Nintendo system NX. I heard tons and tons of cool new features to this Zelda game are going to be added and the pressing question I have, is will there be an Amiibo collectible commemorating the release of a new Zelda game?

I must know this I tell you!! It would be the radest freakin thing EVER!

I have the og Nintendo with the old school games. I have them all across the board. I have even been researching Zelda tattoos, because what isn’t cool about a Zelda tattoo?? Nothing, right? Exactly! I have been thinking of getting the tri-force and stuff maybe on my hand like how they had it on Ocarina of time.

Who knows? Maybe it is something I’ll do and if I do I’ll post up a blog with pics and stuff of me getting it and the final product. Back to the Amiibo wolf link. I have some Amiibo figures that I know in the future are going to make CHA-CHING$. I think I’m going to do an inventory of my stuff soon and see how much it’s all worth. I wonder if I have spent more than I can get in return for all my stuff. I wonder what the value of some of my stuff would be in about 100 years from now.

Anyways, if you share my obsession with collecting (especially all things Zelda) like me drop me an email here and lets nerd talk it out.