Just found my old Pokemon collection from 8th grade

Yeah, I’m excited and Pokemon is the reason.


So my mom recently called me telling me she found an old PokemonPokemon collection collecting folder of mine filled with Pokemon cards and Michael Jordan cards too. I was geeking over it, cause I cannot believe I let that slip pass me all these years. She was cleaning out one of her closets when she found the Pokemon card collection and called me right away, knowing I would freak out like tweeny teeny boppers at a one direction concert.


As soon as I opened it up it was like finding the cave of wonders or something. I was beholding ancient artifacts from long ago when Pokemon was my ultimate favorite thing to do, EVER! I would go to school and destroy everyone at card battles and also on the gameboy when we were able to connect them.

The rare ones…

I’m still hoping I come across some unsuspecting numb skull who has a 1st edition Charizard holographic so I can make a killing off of it. What I really have my eyes set on is the Pikachu illustrator card that is worth more than $100k. When I heard that I was like what?! No way! By some miracle in the cosmos some schmuck will sell it to me thinking it’s bs and not worth anything.

I wish my mom had the money to fly me around the world battling Pokemon cards. I’d probably be the best there ever was. I saw some cool holographic stuff in my old folder from my older trainer days and I wish I had the time to play again like a kid would. I am sure some of my pokemon will be worth a lil sumthin on the side, but for now ill keep trying yo catch them all. In cards and on my cell phone.

If you need to reach out to me, then HOLLA right here. Also check out my wolf link amiibo post.


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