Super Mario Memorabilia for one of my good friends!

It’s my friends b-day and he’s obsessed with Mario Bro’s

So coming up in a few days is on of my very best friends birthday. I’ve known this guy since we were kids. Like probably since we were both floating around in our mothers tummy cause my mom and his mom are like besties and stuff. They did the whole awkward 80’s era hairstyles and break-dance music and all that jazz.

Anyways, so here is what I decided to do. Since we were both little we both had a fascination with video games. My thing ias you know is all things Zelda, and his thing is all things Mario Bro’s. It’s been an amazing journey with this guy. I think he’s even thinking of doing his wedding Mario Bro’s themed and having his bride to be dressed as Princess Peach, which would be uber cool!

As a cool collection of birthday gifts I decided to get him a few things that would be priceless in the future and non-retrievable.


Mario Bro’s Memorabilia I got for my friend

Mario back pack

Mario back pack




Super Mario Piranha Plant Plush

super mario piranha plant

Mario beenie

I really feel like he is going to love this. I put a lot of thought into his gifts plus his fiance is going to inundate him with even more Mario Bro’s paraphernalia.

He has every Nintendo game system with every freaking Mario game ever made for each system. To say he is a fanatic is an understatement because this guy would literally “BE” Super Mario if he could be. I already called dibs on his Mario collectibles if he ever passes. It’s only right that I the collector Tony inherit all of his wonderful Mario memorabilia.

He is currently saving up to get the Super Smash Bro’s Japanese VGA 90+ which is going for a whopping $9,999. I told him he was crazy, but hey, so am I.

His Gf might get it for him since her dad is loaded with dough. SHHH (Don’t tell anyone I said that). She’s kinda hot too. She’s blond like Princess Peach and surprisingly enough he also became a plumber after high school. He now owns a plumbing company called¬† He told me he was thinking of changing everything around to match the Super Mario Bro’s.

He was thinking of making the uniforms like either Mario or Luigi or even Wario, and wrapping the vans with Mario-esque features like the coins and the original artwork from the NES system. I told him it would be pretty cool if he did something like that. It would definitely make his business stand out, but hopefully not get him in a suit with Nintendo or whatever.

Ok guys, I think that is it for me today I’m pooped. I decided that I want to start being an authorized seller of video game collectibles so I have someone building me a website that is going to feature my many collections and the stuff I want to sell. I’m also thinking of doing ¬†Comic con every year and dressing up for the festivities.

If you wanna talk about games or just say high shoot me an email. Also, make sure to check out my previous post.

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