Kingdom Hearts 2017 delay sadness

The sadness has settled, the depression has ensued, and ┬áthe junk foodkingdom-hearts-2-8 binge has begun. When Kingdom Hearts first came out as a kid I nearly almost had a cardiac arrest…. Seriously!

My fandom for Disney and anime-esque aesthetic games such as Final Fantasy converged into a single, playable, and palatable transcendent game-play experience that is the Kingdom Hearts saga. Over the years after KH2 was released we have had tidbits of narrative and enough game-play across different systems to keep us KH fans addiction at bay, but this latest set back was so disheartening.

IF Square-Enix and Disney ever mastered how to keep an entire fan-group on their toes and develop and long standing otaku spanning over a decade seething with anxiety over their most anticipated release,┬áthis is definitely it. Kingdom Hearts fans everywhere including myself, have been waiting for the third installment in the series for so long that the recent setback on the release date is reminiscent of what they’ve done to us in the past. Releasing little sample bites of what we are to taste in the coming release for 2017 is stressing me out!

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue along with the unchained for mobile has been such a delightful hold over until KH3 release for the PS4, but I’m hoping to the gaming gods, this does not end up being another false flag for the release of what have all been waiting for.

Anyways, wanted to express my extreme discontent with the news that I still have to wait for KH3. Let’s talk here about anything you have read me post about. Bye guys!