Is anyone else drooling over Breath of the wild?

As some of you know, my affinity for collecting video game knick knacks breath of the wild Legend of Zeldais borderline obsessive, but I digress. So I literally follow every page on my Facebook that gives out any tidbit of  information that has to do with Breath of the Wild, the new Legend of Zelda release by Nintendo that will be coming out in 2017. I’m more than happy about this since Nintendo promised us a Zelda release on the WiiU and never delivered (insert angry emoji here).

There are tons of rumors going around about it being open source with a game world 12 times the size of twilight princess which is actually amazing because now I can justify why I will spend countless hours glued to my NX game system whilst inundated by various junk food goodies. Here I go into my pre-review of what I know thus far.


Plot: Link wakes up after sleeping a hella long time in the aftermath ruins of Hyrule to a creepy voice leading him to some old guy who tells him about how calamity Ganon destroyed Hyrule 100 years ago and they trapped it in the castle cause it couldn’t be defeated. Now Link has to figure out a way to kick this things ass before it breaks free to cause more havoc. (I feel like this is a remix of other Zelda stories for lack of originality).



Trailer Review:

  • Overall 10/10
  • Graphics 8/10
  • Playability based on video 9/10
  • Storyline 8/10 (they could do better so far as I know)


Loveable new features:

  • Link uses Rune magic
  • It has an Assassins Creed-esque vibe to the gameplay
  • I like the Wind waker/Ocarina of time aesthetic mashup
  • Link seems to be a lot more crafty
  • The open world play and vast exploration space.

I’m hoping they come out with some limited edition or special release versions of the game with Amiibo characters like the re-release of Twilight Princess. You know that I will be all over that in a heart beat. I will catch you guys on the flipside. Ebay calls. More sales to make on collectibles.

Get in touch with me here, and lets connect. If you want to see how much your collectibles are worth and or if you want to purchase any of my rare items. Peace.